Flavoring Water With Fruit- A Great Way To Get Everyone To Drink More Water

Consumption of water is very essential for our bodies.  It applies the same to adults and to children however with the number of sugary, soda drinks that are available in the market it can sometimes be very difficult to make everyone drink a healthy drink. Say a glass of fruit flavored water for instance.

First let’s start with discussing why water is so important. While most of us take it for granted and have it only when we feel really thirsty, the truth is that whether it’s a basic function like sweating or a complex one like a healthy heart- water plays a huge part in every little function our body undertakes.

Water helps regulate our body temperature via sweating. It also helps to carry all the nutrients all around our body and also transports oxygen to all the cells in our body.

Our kidneys also require water to flush out all the toxins and excrete them in the form of urine and solid waste. If it weren’t for water, that waste would remain in our bodies, taking the form of poison and cause various diseases. Water is a great lubricating agent too. It keeps out joints lubricated, keeps our muscles energized and helps our minds stay sharp.

Water also helps provide a moist environment for our ear, nose and throat tissues. Take the example of bad breath- 9 times out of 10 it’s caused by a dry throat, which in turn produces the unpleasant odor.

Given all these benefits it’s difficult to imagine why someone would indulge in a can of Pepsi instead of downing a large glass of cool water, however that is the reality and with more and more different kinds of drinks flooding the market everyday, it’s not bound to change anytime soon.

One quick trick to make adults and kids drink loads of water is to flavor it with fresh fruit. The only drawback is that creating your own flavored water can take a lot of time and resources. Another way to accomplish this is by buying one of the many brands of flavored water in the market, for e.g. the Hint fresh flavored water.

Such drinks are nothing but spring water that is naturally flavored. As there is no presence of sugar, added sweeteners or any other form of additives, it means that the drinks are virtually calorie free. For example, a typical bottle of Hint flavoring water with fruit (you can buy it here  http://www.drinkhint.com/our-story  ) contains 0.3g of Carbohydrates and zero grams of fat. Even people who are on a diet can go ahead and consume enough bottles of flavored water without batting an eyelid.

This works for kids too as they would find drinking flavored water much more interesting than drinking plain water. It can act as a great substitute for the unhealthy sugary drinks. It’s healthy it’s tasty and it’s economical. Why don’t you get started by clicking here and taking a look at the great range of fruit flavored drinks that Hint provides.


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